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Become a Preferred Vendor

Interested in becoming a World Class EP preferred vendor? Please see the following instructions.

World Class EP is a leader in the event planning industry and we pride ourselves on working with other companies that are leaders in theirs. For that reason, we follow a strict policy when considering who we refer to our valued clients.

Scope of service proposals are requested for vendors to be on the “preferred list” which is an exclusive list for vendor services to be contracted with World Class EP and its clients. Only vendors approved to be on the Preferred Vendor List are allowed to provide vendor services to World Class EP and its clients.

To qualify, interested partners must submit a written proposal and be prepared to provide a tasting and/or product samples (as applicable) upon request. Some vendors may be asked to attend a panel interview. Ideally, the goal of maintaining a list of several preferred vendors is to provide options for World Class EP and its clients, as well as to bring in new clients to World Class EP.

Qualified vendor candidates will:
• Offer competitive pricing to maximize participation of World Class EP clients.
• Offer special coupon exclusively for World Class EP and its clients to use when purchasing your product or using your service to maximize participation of World Class EP clients.
• Proof of licensed facilities, business license and health permits (as applicable).
• Provide World Class EP and its clients the highest quality services possible.
• Actively promote and market World Class EP for event planning services.
• Cooperate fully with World Class EP staff such that service functions are compatible and integrated with the overall mission and operation of World Class EP.

Submittal Information:
The ideal proposal demonstrates background experience, financial resources and stability. Please include the following:
• Corporation, partnership, proprietorship, names of officers and partners, stockholders, etc. (as applicable)
• How long in business
• Names of principals
• Size of company: annual sales, number of offices, number of employees, etc. (as applicable)
• Description of services the company provides
• Location of office that would be the “representing office” for World Class EP and its clients
• Indicate name of person who has authority to contractually bind the company. Provide contact name and telephone number of the person to be contacted during period of evaluation of proposals, negotiation if a contract/agreement is offered and execution of agreement
• Provide product samples, sample menus, etc. (as applicable) and guaranteed pricing for World Class EP and its clients
• Provide marketing material for World Class EP to provide to its clients and to include in World Class EP preferred vendor listing

Proprietary Information:
All items developed in answer to the RFP shall become the property of World Class EP and proposers shall not use disclosure or furnish to others any related information without written consent of World Class EP.

Proposal Submission:
Please submit all proposal information to:

World Class Holdings Group
6080 Center Drive, Ste. 600
Los Angeles, CA 90045
Attn: Vendor RFP

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